Monday, March 6, 2017

Free books for Ecuador

We’re giving away free Roving Press books. Here's how ...

Some young people from Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester are going to Ecuador this summer. They’re giving up a month of their school holiday to live in local communities, helping people rebuild their lives after the earthquakes, etc.

From building schools and kitchens and preparing land for planting to improving sanitation and helping with animal care – the work depends on the local community’s needs at the time.

It’s one of several grassroots projects run by CampsInternational, a volunteering organisation which works with poorer people in developing countries such as Ecuador to improve their lives.

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Besides helping communities overseas, it allows our young people to appreciate how others live very simply, with next to nothing.

Our son Will Musk is going on the trip. He's using Crowdfunding methods to raise the money needed.

As a reward for any and all donations, we’re giving away free Roving Press books.

With a choice of titles for adults and kids and all NEW books, you can enjoy them yourselves or give them away as presents.

We’d be very grateful if you could pledge some money – even a few pounds would really make a difference and guarantee you a free 'mystery' book. Or pledge £5 and CHOOSE one of the books above or £10 and receive two of your choice. 

Will can deliver free within the DT postcode district, or we can send by Royal Mail (at a pound or two cost). 

Please make payments to a special account he has set up for the project: 
Nationwide account no. 03850020, sort code 07-04-36. Then drop us an email ( or tel 01300 321531 to say what books you'd like and where to deliver them.

Thanks for supporting Will and this valuable project. 

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