Friday, April 25, 2014

Dorset Voices: A Collection of New Prose, Poetry and Photographs

What constitutes a poem? This was one of the questions answered at the Poetry evening that took place as part of the Purbeck Literary Festival
'A poem is a train of thought using language in such a way to create an emotional response in the reader or listener. You can use various rhythms, word plays or rhyme schemes to help generate that emotion.' 
I wonder what others think? 

If you'd like to read some work by Dorset poets try Dorset Voices: A Collection of New Prose, Poetry and Photographs. 

Also for cutting-edge poetry, see Big Mouth on Facebook. 

On the anniversary of publishing Dorset Voices, we're offering the book at a special price 
- just give us a call (tel 01300 321531).

Project instigators Maria Strani-Potts and Jim Potts in Waterstones, Dorchester, 
with Julie Musk from Roving Press, celebrating the launch 

The front cover of Dorset Voices uses a photo by Jessica Knight, a Thomas Hardye School student. Tell us what you think this is and where for a chance to win a free copy. 

Dorset Voices is available from Roving Press, priced £6.99.

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